Finally! #kingkogbrooklyn
The fine folks at #simworks came in and gifted me their “dirty Rhonda stem” for my #kinfolkbicycles cx bike the stem is made by #nitto and has my initials on it! So stoked
$2000 broken part… Savin the money and doing it your self is great
#tranny problems thanks for the help @tomlamarche
Prospect cx!?
#hardstylewednesday fishing with my old man I got the biggest one
@xjxbryanx got my back as always
She’s on top not getting smooshed
No oversized charges!! #nacccmpls
Good luck. 
Cut out the insulation on my road soda and things fit better:) @dirbab #stumptown cold brew at @kingkogshop
Behind the lens with @xchrizzzlybearx
@kinfolk_bicycles_us_jp here at the knockdown center with a lot of other great builders and bike companies come check it out!!  (at Knockdown Center)
#bikecult show is this weekend sat and Sunday at the knockdown center come see some really cool bike builders nice bikes and support!! I’ll be there with @kinfolklife kinfolk bicycles !!
@colossalmedia got jokes! #shaka Fed
Phil woods at Walmart. #sellouts